Joe O'Reilly

AI - Task Sheet 6

23 Jan 2012


Familiarisation With Data Logging and Plotting

This program moves until it reaches 15cm (anything less and it hit the obstacle) then turns in small increments 10 times and logs its sensor readings, then stops logging.

The second strategy from the sheet was a little more complicated, we start logging data imediately then move until we're in range and then turn slowly waiting .25 seconds between each turn.

The final strategy added a turn to the left of 45° so we could scan the whole feature not just one half. It would then turn in 2° increments 45 times (90° in total) getting good "view" of the feature.

Data for Inside Corner Feature

You can see here how the readings start low then the first spike is the 45° turn left, then the downward slope is the corner feature back up to the next spike which is the oposite side of the corner.

Data for Outside Corner Feature

This shows the robot failing to read the outside corner feature, because of the nature of ultrasonic sensors. The readings are almost always high and outof range at some points.


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